6 Steps to Ace The Verbal Reasoning Test

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Psychometric testing for applications has risen in popularity, and has become the best way for graduate schemes to test candidates during the recruitment stages. With the Mondelez summer 2015 internships now live on our site, and the upcoming Lloyds Banking Group graduate scheme opening soon, it might be scary if you are unfamiliar with the tests involved, but that is what we’re here for! Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting blogposts on different guides to get you through applications for next summer’s graduate programmes, or any programme for that matter.

Step 1 – Prepare

Practice tests are all over the web and can help you mentally prepare for the type of questions you may be asked, and to see where your errors lie. If you have any special requirements, such as needing extra time for your test due to a learning difficulty, notify the organisation ahead of time so they can make any adjustments for you if possible. Before you begin a verbal reasoning test, be sure to read over any information provided to you by the organisation you are applying for. They may well have practice tests to take on their site, or advice and information on the conditions you must take the test in. Is it timed? Do you need any materials with you? Do they provide you with a spirit-wizard guide or do you need to find your own? It’s good to know these things in advance so you don’t have any nasty surprises. 

Step 2 – Practice 

You could dive straight in without practising, but let’s be reasonable. Let’s be verbally reasonable (sorry). Here are a few practice verbal reasoning tests you can take! Verbal Reasoning Test, Practice Aptitude Tests, Graduates First

Step 3 – Zen Space

Find a quiet and peaceful spot away from distractions to complete your test. You want to be comfortable so make sure you go to the toilet beforehand. It doesn’t matter where you complete your test – the library, your bedroom, a coffee shop – but it must have reliable and stable wifi/internet access. Ensure your internet browser is up to date and closing anything else on your computer that is running is also a good idea. Thankfully you can take this test at any time of the day, so pick the time that is right for you if you are a morning person or leaning more towards the nocturnal side. Choose where you feel more comfortable and focused. Listening to music or any other audio device is not recommended in this circumstance.

Step 4 – Begin

Read through the questions carefully, focusing on the details. Then step back and read it again from a detached and general perspective – reading out loud can help in this instance. This is particularly useful if the test has some ‘trick’ questions which are trying to catch you out by including irrelevant details, hiding the vital details, or seeming a little too easy. You also don’t want to miss any questions that ask you to provide ‘two answers’, or important information about the verbal reasoning test, such as not being able to ‘go back’ to questions you didn’t answer.

Step 5 – Keep Calm

Nothing clouds your thoughts like stress and anxiety do – they give way to irrational and impulsive decisions, which is the last thing you need during any psychometric tests. Do your test well ahead of the deadline and when you have time in your day. Maybe you are stressed because you can’t even start the test – disable any pop-up blockers you have installed for that page and try refreshing it. If there are still too many issues, contact the company you are applying to and hopefully they will quickly resolve any issues. If you feel yourself starting to tense up or panic during the verbal reasoning test, take a moment to breathe. You are going to be fine!

Step 6 – Submit

Make sure you have pressed all the correct buttons and that you have reached a confirmation page telling you that your test has been submitted. Any errors should be taken up with the organisation. Send it off and soak in the relief of completing another stage!

The Lloyds Banking Group Graduate Scheme opens its applications on Intern Avenue soon for its 2015 programme. Read our tips on Getting The Knack Of Online Application Forms and finding out if Lloyds Bank Company Culture is suited for you. We will be publishing guides and advice on this blog to help you through the application process and stages of selection, which include:

  1. Online application form 
  2. Online verbal reasoning test
  3. Online numerical test
  4. Online inductive reasoning test**
  5. Telephone interview
  6. Assessment centre
**Commercial Banking Coverage and Products only 

Follow the Lloyd’s Intern Avenue page here

 Would you like advice on anything else? Put your suggestions in a comment below, and happy internship hunting!

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  1. Try to avoid panicking and test on. Practice is important without a doubt. Those are some great tests you connected, I didn’t do too awful at them ?

    Here are some more great ones from TestDome, a numerical and verbal thinking test:

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