Finance Internship Cover Letter Template

Internships in the finance sector are highly sought after, and fiercely competitive. Therefore it is extremely important that you use every opportunity to give yourself an edge over the other applicants. A cover letter is a professional document that, in essence, is a sales pitch or a self marketing document to accompany your CV. It’s your chance to sell yourself successfully as a strong candidate for the role.

When writing your cover letter, we recommend that you demonstrate your familiarity with the company and its goals, and highlight why you would be a good candidate for the internship.

If this is your first internship application, you may feel as though you don’t have any relevant experience to highlight. Therefore we suggest including details to any relevant university coursework or projects, as well as previous finance-related work experience. When creating the cover letter address the internship description, look for the qualities and responsibilities mentioned, and come up with examples of how you have demonstrated these abilities in the past.

We also recommend showing a bit of spark and personality within the cover letter content, to show that you’re engaged with the industry and an engaging individual. Also include relevant industry specific keywords, the density of these keywords will portray that you are well-versed in the industry terminology, and show the employer that you have done your research.

Below we have produced a Finance Internship cover letter example in the hope that this will help you to create the ultimate cover letter to land your dream internship in the finance industry.

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Finance Internship Cover Letter Template Example

1 July 2016

John Corbett
Finance Manager
Company name

Dear Mr Corbett,

I am a Finance and Accounting graduate looking to gain immediate and invaluable experience in the financial management sector by way of an internship. Your highly praised intern programme is, in my opinion, the perfect fit for the skills and knowledge I have acquired from my degree course at Birmingham University.

I am a hardworking and enthusiastic individual, with a focus on corporate accounting and finance. I am aware that your company’s reputation as a frontrunner in corporate finance means that your intern programme is in high demand but I truly believe that my temperament, willingness to learn and excellence in all areas of business would be a beneficial asset to your firm.

Having recently graduated with a 2:1 honours Finance and Accounting degree, I am confident in my ability to efficiently carry out a broad range of financial procedures to the highest standards. I am proficient in collating monthly reports, balance sheet reconciliation, forecasting and auditing. I have a desire to expand on these skills and add to them under your guidance and tuition.

I would love the opportunity to discuss the possibility of joining your internship programme, as well as the value I feel I could provide in return. I have enclosed my CV and very much hope to meet you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name.

PHONE          ADDRESS          EMAIL

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