4 Ways To Spot A Fake Job Advert

What have I done!?

A while ago it emerged that a fifth of job adverts on the government’s Universal Jobmatch site were either fakes, duplicates or scams. Outraged and concerned, we thought we would save you the future frustration and disappointment of applying for a fake job.

On average, millennial job seekers use around fifteen different sources to help them find a job. That is a lot of potential fake jobs to work through. At Intern Avenue, we do not have that problem because we personally vet every advert which is posted. But, for your future reference, here’s how you spot a fake job advert:

1)      It’s from an unknown company – it goes without saying that if you have never heard of the company, you should research them before applying for a job there. Many people post their experiences with fake companies on chat rooms so searching for “Is Company XYZ fake?” should answer your question. Even if you have heard of them, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick Google search to see what comes up.

2)      It asks for money – it may seem obvious, but you should never pay money for a job application. In fact, you should never be charged for providing your information. So if a job advert is asking for money, it is usually a sure sign of a fake.

3)      Vague, misleading job advert – a vague job advert should set off all the alarm bells in your head because it’s just another way to get your details.

And if the title is, “WORK FROM HOME AND MAKE £100K IN YOUR FIRST YEAR” it’s probably fake. Beware of jobs promising riches for minimal work effort – that’s not the world we live in!


4)      You are asked to submit your CV to an [email protected] or @hotmail account – the vast majority of businesses have websites, which are sold with email addresses in the package. There is no excuse.

Follow these rules and you should avoid applying for fake job adverts, saving you time to make a better application with the real ones. Or better yet, save yourself all that time and effort, and use Internavenue.com‘s simplified process!

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