How an Internship can kick start your career

You’ve recently graduated university and now have the degree you’ve been working towards for the last few years. The next step is to update your CV with your educational background, references and relevant work experience – but after doing that, what comes next?

The option to jump into the jobs market might sound appealing to some, but with 4 in 10 graduate jobs “reserved” for applicants who have practical work experience, many are now deciding to take the   route.

Internships provide the opportunity for both professional and personal growth, while at the same time allowing your employer access to your specific talents. A fresh perspective is of huge benefit to any company – simply questioning why processes can happen can make the business more efficient. With a huge demonstrable advantage for both employers and employees, how can you best use your internship to kick-start your career?

One reason an increasing number of graduates are looking to secure internships is because they offer the chance to establish build your CV. In today’s competitive jobs market, many employers now regard experience as just as important as academic qualifications. Graduates therefore need practical work experience to supplement their educational background if they want to boost their chances of employment post-university.

  are much likely to hire somebody who has experience of working within the industry, instead of somebody who has the academic background, but no practical work experience. That is one of the reasons why internships are in demand – because they offer the chance to gain meaningful experience in the workplace.

Securing an internship also gives interns the chance to start building professional contacts through networking. Although graduates are likely to have impressive resumes with numerous academic qualifications and achievements, they are unlikely to have contacts within their chosen industry -outside of close family members and friends.

Internships therefore provide aspiring graduates with the platform to build relationships with people in the industry and get their name known. All it requires is an outgoing attitude and the willingness to meet new people on a daily basis. Who knows what opportunities might come your way if you have connected with somebody on a personal level.

Working as an intern also gives you the distinct advantage of being offered a first-hand insight of what it is like to be employed within your chosen industry. The experience can play an influential role in determining your future career choices, as whilst many graduates enjoy their internships and will use their experience as a springboard, others might feel that they are unsuited to a profession that is not right for them.

Nevertheless, for those who work hard and impress, internships can lead directly into paid employment. Organisations often use internships as a trial period to evaluate whether interns are suited for a full-time position. A study by the Association of Graduate Recruiters found that almost 1 in 3 of its members recruited up to 20% of their graduate intake from internships.

In 2015, interning at a business can be one of the most effective ways to kick start your career. Established organisations in sectors from banking, finance and retail to journalism, IT and medicine offer opportunities to students and graduates who have the ambition and skills to succeed in the sector. At Intern Avenue, we have a system in place that creates a “meeting ground” for employers and candidates. Graduates looking to apply for a paid internship have free access to opportunities offered by organisations including AOL, Dr Martins and the Bank of England.

If you’re looking for a paid internship, visit us at

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