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On average, Millennials (that’s you and me) use 12 different sources for their job hunt. Twelve! In our parents day all you had to do to get hired was turn up at the office with a CV and a “go-getter” attitude. Not anymore. For 92% of us, we confine all of our job hunting to the internet, scouring jobs boards, Google and social media for the perfect job. Wouldn’t it be great if you only needed one source, where you could set when you wanted to be contacted by employers (we’ve all been barraged with calls at one point or another) or not. Well, that’s what we have created here at Intern Avenue; a one-stop-shop for all your job and internship hunting needs.

Sounds great doesn’t it? “But hang on, how can I really make the most of this service, and will it get me a job?” I hear you ask. Well, I’m going to let you in on a few little secrets to make sure you get the most out of Intern Avenue! 

Rule #1 – Complete your profile!

Candidates on our site will only show up on employer searches and be matched to jobs once their profile is over 50% complete. Even after this, the candidates who tend to be matched to jobs are those who put as much information in their profile as possible. In other words, you have more scope to be automatically matched to jobs, as well as the fact employers will be able to get a real sense of who you are and whether you will fit into their team.

Rule #2 – Keep your availability up-to-date.

Unlike many other job sites, Intern Avenue provides a handy availability feature. This puts the control in your hands. You can choose when you would like to be contacted about employment, and when you wouldn’t. You will have much more success with Intern Avenue if you utilise this feature!

Rule #3 – Fill in the skills section.

This section is as important as all the others, yet we see it left out again and again. This is a section where you can showcase your strengths so use it! Don’t be afraid to put down transferrable skills, or skills you have learnt outside of work. If you’ve ever kept a personal blog, blogging is a skill you possess! Be proud of everything you have achieved, and showcase it here. But remember, don’t lie about skills you don’t have. It will just make you look silly if you get the job and can’t do what you claim to be an expert on!

Rule #4 – Remember to reply to employers if they contact you.

When employers contact you on the site, we will automatically send you an email letting you know. Unfortunately, replying to these emails won’t reply to the employer, they will come straight through to us. To reply to the employer, log on to your Intern Avenue account and reply on there. The quicker you reply, the better it looks to the employer, so make sure you keep on top of your emails!

Rule #5 – Keep it professional.

The language you use, the way you interact with the employer, and how you present yourself are extremely indicative of what sort of employee you will be. Keep everything you do on Intern Avenue, and your job search in general professional. The language you use in your profile should tie in with the sort of industry you are interested in, and the profile picture you use should be a professional image, not a selfie pout. Once an employer contacts you, speak to them in a formal, friendly style, and when you get an interview, wear a nice fitting suit, smile, and please don’t be late! You’ll have a much better chance at getting noticed and beating the competition if you portray yourself as friendly, professional and punctual, so make sure you do!

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