8 Things that are More Important to Success than Being Really, Really Smart

We tend to be quite harsh on ourselves in our younger years. We grow up believing – and often being told – that being a smart egg is everything. You should ace all your tests, top all your classes, get all the honours. Indeed the institutions that we are siphoned through (high school, university) makes us believe that being a child prodigy will endow you with a life of success.

But haven’t you ever wondered whether that crazy person on the street corner who sings songs about his toes has an IQ equivalent to Einstein? He may very well. Intelligence is a good measure of success, but it most definitely does not ensure it. Brains will only get you so far, unless you have the right personality traits that work as the vehicle for your ever-so-smart mind. Several characteristics, if non-existent, render intelligence useless.

Don’t believe me?

Keep reading below…

traits more important to success than a high IQ

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