18 Apps to Add More Hours to Your Day

Whether you’re a working professional or a student, or even someone looking for a job, time can often be a scarce commodity in your day.

And as with many 21st-century problems, there have been a swathe of apps to attempt to remedy the time-management crisis. Though there is ofcourse, the few vocal sceptics about whether productivity apps actually DO make you more productive, there is a wealth of research indicating that the habits they improve definitely have a positive effect on the average busy worker. The market for productivity software is predicted to be worth £37 billion globally by 2016, according to app research firm VisionMobile.

We can’t all be like Elon Musk, who manages to run two corporations and still seem like a fairly sane human being, so here is our round-up of apps to help you better manage your workload, and master you day.

#1 Evernote

Evernote is one of the oldest and most widely used productivity apps. It has reigned supreme amongst many students and professionals because of the intelligent way it compiles your notes. Evernote intelligently compiles lists, collect things from around the web, chat with members of a work team, and easily compile your work into presentations. Better yet, the app is streamlined across all your devices. So you can put your phone down and pick up your laptop, continuing the same project.

#2 Clear 

The issue with a lot of digital apps is that they’re often more arduous to use than just jotting things down on a piece of pen and paper. Clear’s playful and clutter-free to-do lists makes it super easy to get through tasks. You pull down to add a new item and swipe right to complete a task.

#3 Asana

Asana is a big one in the Intern Avenue office, and for good reason.Using the app, teams can build and track projects, assigning tasks and breaking up the workload. You can have other members of your team track your work and deadlines help to prioritise your work. Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish. A big plus is that the app is completely free!

#4 Intern Avenue 

This is for all the students and graduates out there looking for a way to enrich their studies or find a great starting job out of uni. Or our allows you to use the best features of our platform everywhere you go. Its free and so simple to use. You set up a profile and then we match you with your perfect roles, or you can browse our job boards. Oh, and we only list jobs that are paid – because we believe your skills and time are valuable, and so should your employers!

#5 Pocket

This ones for those of us who have 1 million tabs open by the end of the day. Pocket allows you to quickly and easily bookmark pages, add tags, and file them away to be read later. The app syncs with your other devices so that you can read them offline on your commute home.

#6 Unroll Me

This is the cure all for individuals with a chronic subscription problem. After you sign up, Unroll me shows you a list of all your subscription emails. Unsubscribe instantly from whatever you don’t want and combine what you love into a single email digest called the Rollup.

#7 Hemingway Editor

Paste in something you’re working on and the app highlights long, complex sentences and common errors. It’s almost like having your own editor on hand to make sure your prose are easy to read, and helps tired eyes pick up on error they might accidentally overlook.

#8 Money Dashboard

By showing you exactly where your money goes, Money Dashboard helps you make better decisions about how to use it. The budget planner shows you what’s safe to spend each month, or what you have left over to start saving money. And you can set your own financial goals. This is the perfect app for people who want to visualise their spending and saving, or those who need a little help budgeting.

#9 Expensify

Hassle-free expense reporting built for employees. You simply photograph your receipts, and the app processes them, collecting all the relevant information and filing the expense to a specific report. In the not so uncommon occurrence you lose your receipts, you can even input information from your online banking history and generate the correct information. While the purpose of Expensify is for business expenses, you could even just use it to track your own expenses through its simple software.

#10 Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro saves you a ridiculous amount of time away for the klunky and hated office scanner. Scanner Pro allows you to scan paper documents into PDFs that look clean and professional. It affords you the luxury of scanning stuff quickly and on the go.

#11 CamCard

Another app to streamline a common process, Camcard allows you to photograph business cards as you collect them. The contact information is then quickly and accurately read and saved to your smartphone.No more forgetting names or losing numbers!

#12 Buffer

This one is for those who use social media for a company or run a blog! Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. You can’t always be online, and Buffer will ensure that your content gets the best traction.

#13 OmniFocus

Smart in that it not only compiles everything you need to do in one place – and this means EVERYTHING. But it assists you in how to manage what may seem unmanageable. Check out their video below to get an idea of how OmniFocus will do this:

#14 Focus Booster

Based on the pomodoro technique, focus booster will empower you to maintain focus and manage distractions. It started as a simple timing device back in 2010, but has now developed to also include a log sessions, a time tracking system, a reporting system and a client and project management system. From this users can use their stats to understand how productive they are and improve their output.

#15 Habit List

Habit List is the perfect app for making and sustaining good habits. With the app you can plan goals that you would like to achieve on either a daily, weekly, or unplanned interval. On completing the goal, you can swipe it to mark it off. The app records your behaviour, so that you can identify the positive streaks (or the negative ones), and presents them in visual graphs, so you understand when you’re at your most or least productive, and which areas you need to improve.

#16 Coach Me

Coach me is another app intended to build good behaviour and help you form better habits. Its focus is more on the career side of things, and it also intends to teach you a little intel along the way to make sure you achieve your goals. Form a new habit, build your career, get in shape or learn a new skill using one of their 700 trained coaches that are there to support you.

#17 Sleep Cycle

Not a morning person? This app could change that. Sleep Cycle alarm clock tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock. The effects will last you throughout the day, making you more focused and tackle tasks with a better attitude.

#18 Stop, Breathe & Think

There is no doubt that meditation and mindfulness seem to improve every aspect of your life if put to practice correctly. But learning how to do it correctly is not so easy. This free app is great for those starting out with meditation and mindfulness. The beautifully designed user interface uses a three step program to determine your headspace and then recommends guided meditation exercises from there.

#19 Headspace

Headspace is also great for those who are starting off (there is a free 10-day trial), but is a little more extensive if you choose to subscribe to the apps extended program. The app uses 5 minute to 1 hour long exercises to help you master the art of mindfulness. Scientifically proven to help you de-stress, get more sleep, gain more self-control and worry less – Headspace hopes to bring some calm and clarity into a very busy life.

Want to eat your way to productivity? Read about how food can fuel focus HERE. 


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