Making the most of campus outreach

At Intern Avenue we want undergraduates and graduates to hear about great entry level opportunities! But how best to communicate and engage with this tricky audience is a difficult one. We have tried and tested many approaches from which you (an employer) can benefit – we like to call it Campus Outreach.

We believe university outreach activity can be distilled into two parts –  

  1. Campus Events
  2. Digital Campus Outreach

Campus Events

Not all campus events are created equal. Intern Avenue has deployed five, yes five, different mechanics with markedly different effects. A  real focus on audience and message is vital to making the outreach method a success.

Data sourced from our own experience running campus outreach activity
Data sourced from our own experience running campus outreach activity
Careers Fair

The first of these is probably the most familiar; Fairs vary in subject (eg technology, finance and business, and social sciences), and typically are either a free for all, or with managed attendees by mass time slots. From our experience this is the most scattergun method to reach students. It can carry a cost and, of course, there is little control of expected numbers of students you will meet.

Drop In  

This is a second mass marketed approach, taking over a high footfall location during lunch or between lectures from which you can leap out at passers by to chat through needs and potential employment. Once again, little control of quantity or quality of audience.

Scheduled Presentations

Typically held during lunchtime or in the evening. The costs and numbers are lower than career fairs and opening up a lecture but a lunchtime event can be a truly excellent and targeted method. This is especially true when partnered with an involved and supportive careers services team that emails and follows up with students regularly.    

Opening up a Lecture

The elevator pitch is crucial here as you only have a short period of time but transplanted to a raked theatre with a captive audience. Use the time well and it will prove to be very productive!

Timetabled One2Ones

Although the absolute numbers are necessarily low, there is clear purpose. Quality conversations with interested students can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes and carefully crafted applications

Digital Campus Outreach

Covering numerous channels:

  • Careers Service Websites
  • Bespoke Faculty and Departmental Outreach
  • Liaising with Student Societies
  • Embracing University Social Media

At Intern Avenue we have managed more than 115 channels at universities across the UK in a single campaign. Having a strong and informed opinion on where best to spend the time and effort can be a challenge, and trust us, it does take time, effort, and strategic thinking! But combined with and distinct from campus events, does contribute to a healthy applicant count.

There is much to consider when planning a student and graduate recruitment campaign – but we can help you! Intern Avenue has a raft of insight and expertise at your disposal to inform your attraction efforts.

Give us a call on 020 7898 3800, or email [email protected] to have your brand present and graduate level roles known on campuses across the UK!

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