Don’t DIY – Get a Graphic Design Intern

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Sometimes you might look at your logos and campaigns and wonder if something is missing – a certain sharpness, edge, pizazz? Some of the best brands have striking graphics, graphics that are of such high quality you can’t even pinpoint what’s so good about them – you only remark on the professional finish, cool quality and high relevance of the graphics. Chances are, they had a graphic designer make those visuals, one who understood what the brand is about and incorporated their themes into their design. How can you get that for your business in a cost-effective manner? Hire a graphic design intern!

Deciding and articulating what you want your brand image to convey is a challenge in itself – executing this vision is an entirely new task. Maybe you could do it all yourself, but do you really have time for that? You may think you are saving money by not having to pay for outside help, but the multiple hours you spend making something yourself will waste time you could’ve used to make money for your company, and the end product may not even be worth it.

What are the benefits of choosing an intern? An internship can serve as a probationary period in which you can test how well a candidate performs before you consider offering them a permanent position. If they are student, they have access to university facilities and software that is far too expensive for you to buy. You would be surprised at how much they can accomplish and many of them will have completed foundation degrees beforehand, so they have a strong background of training. The creative environment they work in and lack of exposure to the harsh, dream-crushing aspects of adulthood make for an enthusiastic and peppy worker (not really, but it’s a possibility). Graduates may not have years and years worth of industry experience, but a look at their portfolio can show you just what they’re capable of. These talented artists will be quick to learn, if you provide them with a sustainable income of at the least the National Minimum Wage, proper briefs and encouragement on how to apply their skills in a commercial sense.

You may not even realise just how much better graphic design can make your campaigns, products and logos look until somebody else has done them for you. If you want your company to stand apart from others, particularly your competitors, you want something custom made with a visual appearance that cannot be downloaded from anywhere else.

What would a graphic design intern do for you?

  • Create and maintain visual consistency across all your branded products/platforms
  • Improve current campaigns
  • Brainstorm, pitch and present new visual ideas and concepts
  • Create templates for future use
  • Ensure no copyright abuse is occurring with your current use of images
  • Make all material used by your company an original design
  • Create banners, posters, flyers, events and more, and understanding the dimensions
  • Experiment with rolling banners, online graphics and moving image
  • Design business cards for the company and the team members

You would be giving back to the intern by giving them great experience, industry professional and commissioned work to add to their portfolio, and potentially making room for them as a professional hire. You could employ an intern for a part time or full time role. If you are concerned that you would not have enough tasks to give them as a member of staff, then you would be underestimating just how each aspect of your business can improve with a graphic designer’s touch. Would the intern have enough to do all day? Yes, if they are ambitious with their projects! They can also regularly update the current visuals and graphics; no successful company has kept their graphics exactly the same. New equipment and software is released regularly, allowing room for more amazing visuals that you want to incorporate into how you market your business.

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