Great Interns for August

Once again we feature some great interns on our platform. These are an example of our most qualified, most adventurous and most enthusiastic candidates on our platform. And this month there’s another theme: international students! In the spirit of Rio, here is our own international winners podium:

Andrea Mörschel

MA in Media and CommunicationsGreat Interns: Andrea

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from a university in Germany, I decided to jump in at the deep end and move to London to study MA Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College. I have previously gained international work experience while completing a marketing internship at a five-star hotel in Dublin: I really could not wait to start an exciting new episode in my career and move abroad for my postgraduate studies.
Over the years, I have done various internships in the field of marketing, public relations and digital media management and gained some valuable hands-on skills. Moving to a different country has helped me improve myself and further define the professional field I am passionate about. I am not only keen on further developing my marketing and PR skills, but I am also very interested in fashion and lifestyle: Working for a fashion brand would be my dream job, but right now, I am just happy to gain as many different and impressive experiences as possible.
Intern Avenue is really a great platform, I just created my profile a few weeks ago and I immediately found some exciting job opportunities. It is free to use and well-structured which makes applying for jobs so much easier.

Natalia Zakharova

BA in Economics, Finance and International Business
Oxford BrookesGreat Interns: Natalia

I would describe myself as a motivated, serious, and open-
minded individual. From a small town in Russia, I have worked myself out of my town to my regional capital and then on to the UK for Sixth Form and University, with the goal of succeeding there.

I am looking for an internship in roles such as accountancy or banking as part of my university course – but not only in these sectors. Indeed I am looking to expand on my previous work experience at Sberbank and RBS and explore other spheres where my numerical, analytical and personal skills would be welcome.

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