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You may or may not have heard about Google’s Panda,  Penguin or Hummingbird updates. For the uninitiated, those aren’t the names most searched for attractions at the zoo – they are updates that have progressively made the content you publish, the most important way for your online presence to be tracked and indexed by Google.

So it is important, but with all the other things you need to get done, content writing can become a chore that just doesn’t fit into your schedule. So why not get an intern to do it? Here are a couple of companies that benefited from hiring a content writing intern in a few interesting ways as compiled by KissMetrics (a little while ago):

  • 500 Startups is a great example of a company that had a huge amount of success using a content marketing intern. Over the past three months, their intern was prolific in writing articles for their blog. As a fully integrated team member, she was able to go above and beyond what a third party contractor would normally do: interviewing the accelerator’s team members, reporting on the accelerator’s events, and launching creative campaigns like the “Co-Founding Love” series. This is exactly the type of great marketing content that works in the post Panda update SEO world.
  • Another way that an intern could be the right fit is when you’re trying to do something fresh – an important aspect of a successful SEO strategy. Sometimes it can be difficult to take full-time employees off pre-existing marketing campaigns to experiment. So for this role, an intern is perfect. And this is exactly what Kissmetrics did when launching GetDataDriven.com. By hiring a talented marketing and engineering intern, Kissmetrics was able to open up a new site that could act as a laboratory for all kinds of optimization tests an report on its results as soon as they were available.

You can use Intern Avenue’s platform to get a number of candidates that could fit the bill. Once you have a few applicants, put them through an initial writing test to check their abilities in this core competency. Whittle down the list to those that are interested and then either conduct one more round of interviews (say over Skype) or have them come in to the office and make sure one of the candidates is exactly what you need – and presto, good Google rankings could be yours at a minimal cost!

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