How Operational Interns Bring You Profit

operations intern

If you feel like money is trickling out of your business through a leak you can’t find, or you want a less costly option of hiring a permanent Operational manager before you are sure that they will benefit your business and increase profits, an operations intern could be the perfect addition to your work life. Once they are trained you have a potential permanent hire that can take your mind off of the operational tasks that weigh on your mind. An intern may need more time and training before they tackle the more senior responsibilities bestowed upon full time Operational staff but it can only be beneficial to have another team member working towards maximising your organisation’s efficiency and profit.

What could an Operations intern be tasked with?

Before you pop your intern in the corner of the printing room; here are a couple things you could test your candidate with:

  • Analysis and creation of reports
  • Collecting statistics
  • Presenting statistics and findings to senior members of management
  • Understanding and following budgets and their patterns
  • Researching and pitching new methods of management and product efficiency
  • Assessing the distribution processes
  • Supervising inventory-related activity

Conducting market surveys is a great task for an intern – running these on any contracts you may have that are up for re-negotiation could result in you finding a vendor that is better suited to your needs, saving you time and money.

The functional areas an operational intern could work in range from Engineering, Packaging and the Technical Department to Manufacturing, Purchasing and Health and Safety. Having an intern run an operational audit of the company can stop issues and problems in their tracks before they even reach you, and can provide you with a full evaluation of your company’s inner workings.

Offering an intern some responsibility, a wealth of training and a great work experience opportunity will return to you an individual that is dedicated to driving up profits for your company, eager to impress and likely to recommend you to other students and graduates over the years.

What does the perfect candidate look like?

You require somebody who understands the importance and complexity of financial performance, and is dedicated to continuously finding new ways to achieve it. A person who communicates themselves confidently and concisely is important (but take it easy if they are a little nervous!), and you want an applicant who gets a kick out of problem solving and catering to the needs of a client. Someone who can eventually motivate your staff whilst also judging how well they are performing in their respective positions and how to best utilise each individual will only mean good things in the long-run for your work environment. 

Students and graduates from multiple disciplines are capable of performing as great Operational Management interns. What you should look for is an interest in finance, business industries and a professional determination. Business, Management and Economics are great disciplines to pick from but even broader subjects can still deliver your perfect candidate. At Intern Avenue, employers with full access memberships are able to search for applicants and intern-seekers with a multitude of filters, such as; ‘Intern Type’ for their chosen field, Skills, Location and more. For guidance and information contact our team!

Masters and Undergraduate students who have already specialised in Operations should have already learned how to; solve and forecast organisation and stock control issues, have a handle on supply chain management and production planning, be able to navigate logistics and grasp the concepts of team management and motivation.

Always bear in mind that your intern would need a supervisor and mentor to coach them through professional life and to make sure they don’t make any small errors that could have big consequences for you – treat them well and your reputation among students as an internship provider will rise and you will have a steady stream of potential candidates.

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