Survey Research Interns – The Top Reasons To Hire One


Public opinion dictates market trends. What do people want? What do people like? How do people respond? How do they decide? These are the most important questions of creating a successful consumer-focused business, and surveys are one of the best ways to have them answered. Surveys can objectively collect public opinion, expose patterns and give you a wealth of material to use as comparisons to your business’s previous performance levels. Technology allows surveys to now be carried out less intrusively and in a more cost-effective way on online and mobile platforms, so handing out forms, cold-calling or stopping people on the street is no longer a requirement, only something to do if you really want to. Who better to have a handle on modern technology than a university student or recent graduate? Hiring an intern for survey research is a brilliant way to tap into the market and understand what your customers want by using an enthusiastic worker with great ideas. So where do you find these interns and what could they do for you?

Whether they studied Business, Marketing, Management, Economics or Computer Science degrees, students and graduates are equipped with the skills of research-collecting and the ability to analyse large amounts of data. A well-executed survey can become a reliable template for use time and time again, and an internship in this area will benefit the new generation of workers to learn about the best modes of use and conduct for optimum responses. Survey research is also low on cost, so a Survey Research intern is very budget friendly.

Where can you find one?

On Intern Avenue, of course. We have an extensive list of student and graduate profiles from intern seekers of all disciplines. Hailing from the top universities across the country, our intern database is sure to feature your perfect candidate (who could become a future hire.)

What can a Survey Research intern do for you?

  • Analyse statistics and data from current or archived survey records
  • Compare and present data findings
  • Run focus groups and arrange one-on-one interviews
  • Conduct surveys and questionnaires
  • Evaluate data-collection efficiency
  • Supervise client liaison
  • Draft reports on the data that has been interpreted
  • Oversee operations on data collection, making sure all activities are finished on time
  • Work with a mentor to compile a list of survey questions

There is more that an intern could do for you, and their level of responsibility can rise as their experience grows. Interns do need training and support, though, and our previous post on how to treat your interns well to get the best out of them is a handy guide for a few regulations.

The information collected from surveys and research can go towards driving company profits, so hire an intern and improve your business!

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