Why You Should Hire a PR Intern


Every brand needs promotion, a social media presence and amplified communication with clients and the public, which is why PR professionals are always in demand. If your business needs a PR boost, hiring an intern can be a brilliant move for your company, that won’t put such a big dent in your budget (just a National Minimum Wage sized dent, at the least). Read on to find out just what a PR intern can do for you, and where to find this multi-platform proficient creature.

PR does much more than drafting press releases and tweeting – Public Relations professionals can lift a company’s reputation, put together events and build client relations that in turn bring more clients to you. You may even question having yourself or somebody else in the team complete a few PR-related tasks, but nobody has time for that, and you’d be surprised just how much work is required for quality promotion.

With the rise in PR-specific degrees, students and graduates are ready for the workplace as soon as they finish their studies, or even during their studies if their universities permit a placement. Alternatively, Marketing, Journalism and Business students or graduates are also highly adept at PR roles. We have thousands of top quality, high-calibre candidates seeking internships on Intern Avenue, so browse our site today and enquire about a membership. Hiring an intern improves social mobility, brings enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to your workplace and raises your reputation as a company among academic circles – which means a steady flow of willing workers over the coming years. So what could a PR intern do for your business?

  • Manage and revamp your social media profiles
  • Take minutes during meetings and prepare/distribute meeting materials
  • Liaise with clients and network with potential clients
  • Research venues and assist events organisation
  • Co-ordinate diaries and calendars
  • Manage invitations for events, cancellations and following up with attendees
  • Prepare merchandise
  • Collect data research and analyse results
  • Keep an eye on competitors
  • Draft press releases
  • Pitch new ideas for how best to promote the brand

The intern can provide you with the contacts they have gathered and they will benefit by gaining more contacts to put in their books. The internship can also serve as a preliminary probation period which tests their suitability for a permanent position at your company. In a highly competitive professional market, you need to find all the ways possible to promote your brand in creative and smart ways. Hire a PR intern and see what they come up with!

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