You Need a Business Intern for Process Improvement

business intern

Have you handed over any tasks to somebody for your business? Maybe even offshore? It’s worth having an intern come in and check that those tasks are still being performed efficiently. Process Improvement is an essential practice to employ regularly for your organisation, and having analysis and input from a Business mind to reduce costs and raise profits is always beneficial. Improve your company’s functionality, optimise efficiency levels, and cater your products to the clients needs – sounds perfect. You could start the lengthy and expensive recruitment process for a permanent position, without being sure how well the successful applicant will be…or, for a more cost-effective, shorter term contract and a chance to raise your company’s reputation in the hiring arena, consider taking on a Business Intern for your Process Improvement! There must be a reason why ‘Internships’ is at the top of Business employers’ desired attributes of potential hires.

business employers want people with internships

The intern does not necessarily have to have studied a Business degree – Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Finance or Accounting students and graduates may be just as adept at fulfilling the role, so you have a bigger pond to fish from.

So what would this Process Improvement intern’s responsibilities entail and how do you find such a candidate?

Process Improvement Intern Tasks

  • Analysis and evaluation of company processes and procedures to locate things that need improving
  • Training Program re-evaluation to ensure they are as effective and useful and possible
  • Highlighting system performance gaps and approaching strategies to fill and correct them
  • Organising team projects which serve to provide business functions
  • Collect data regularly for optimum performance analysis
  • Run frequent checks on profit, budget and cost levels
  • Develop or assist in presentations or training programs
  • Conduct surveys and amass a body of metrics which highlight opportunities for advancement and improvement
  • Report back to department heads with consultations on technique alterations and new strategies to improve product performance and quality on all bases
  • Survey proposed changes and improvements prior to employing them

To fully utilise the skills of a Business student or graduate, you also need to be supportive in your training and feedback – remember, they’re still new to this and have a lot to learn in a short period of time. Make sure any tasks you give them are set out in a brief and fully explained in the interests of protecting your company and getting the best out of your intern. Assigning a mentor to your intern is highly recommended, and this mentor can report back on their performance when you don’t have the time to monitor them.

If you feel as though your company could use a fresh perspective to help you make new goals and reach new objectives, an intern would be perfect for you. At Intern Avenue we have thousands of Business graduates, relevant degree-equipped applicants and students looking for the perfect paid Business internship – you can view and contact them directly with an unlimited Intern Avenue membership. Speak to a member of our team today!

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