Why hire Interns?

Interns are a valuable addition to any company, given their enthusiasm, willingness to learn and fresh perspectives. For companies that are in desperate need of more manpower, but can’t necessarily afford hiring another full-time employee, hiring an intern can be the best solution.

Although it is cheaper, more flexible and efficient to hire an intern, it is key to understand that the value an intern brings to your company is immeasurable. Below we highlight our top reasons as to why you should hire an intern to revitalise your business today.

Cost Effective Investment

This is perhaps the biggest selling point for employers looking to hire new talent. An intern position is filled by students and those fresh out of university who are ready and willing to work for a salary that is lower than experienced applicants. Interns can provide a wealth of valuable contributions to small and large businesses alike.

The role of the intern can prove to be extremely valuable to your company. Hiring an intern enables your company to bring in a new employee who works diligently for a cheaper cost compared to more experienced hires. Interns accept this fact, as they are looking for the opportunity to showcase their talents and kickstart their careers.

Trial Period

Internships allow employers to hire graduate and entry level talent fresh out of university, even if not every internship is created with a full-time job in mind at the end of it. For employers hiring entry level talent, an internship is a great way to ‘try before you buy’ – for both the employer and the intern.

Pre Existing Business Skills

Interns have undergone years of schooling and university. This comprehensive study has taught interns core transferable skills – written and oral communication, organisation and presentation. These core skills are very important in the working environment.

Ready to mould

Interns are fresh out of education and into the workforce, you as an employer have the chance to shape the intern into what you need for them to become part of the company culture and workforce. As ‘blank canvases’, interns are open books when it comes to learning new skills and ways of working.

Fast Learners

Student and graduate interns are still in the ‘educational mindset’, where taking in new information, skills and knowledge is in their nature. There minds are like sponges, they are able to absorb new information and learnings quickly.

Therefore hiring an intern can be beneficial to employers as the time it takes to train an intern is significantly smaller than that of an individual further along in their career, interns aren’t easily scared away by challenges or obstacles – their willingness to learn is unrivalled.

Tech Savvy Millennials

In a business world that is growing increasingly dependent on technology, recruiting interns from this generation can be very beneficial. These millennials are ‘digital natives’ and extremely ‘tech-savvy’. They have grown up surrounded by technology, social media and computer programs – hiring an intern from this demographic can bring a fresh technological perspective and knowledge to your company.

If your company is technology focused then hiring a millennial intern requires less training than hiring someone from a different demographic, these Gen Y individuals have been exposed to computers and the internet from birth – therefore you won’t need to spend time teaching them, and they will probably end up educating you.

Millennials are kept up to date on the latest trends and news through the excessive use of social media. This demographic understands social media in a way that older generations can’t even comprehend. As social media marketing begins to expand and progress rapidly, hiring a tech savvy intern can help to revamp your own social media marketing. This intern can help to enhance your social strategy and guide your business further into the digital world.


Every company has had times during the business week when their employees are struggling with the workflow. Hiring an intern can be a great solution to this overwhelming problem, even an intern with minimal experience provides an extra set of hands to help out current full time employees to work more efficiently, reduce stress and can free up employees to work on higher level tasks.

Interns help to get things done within the workplace, with a set start and end date for most internships individuals filling these positions tend to be more productive. They are eager to impress in the time that they have. Interns can inject a fresh energy within your company and help to boost your existing workforce’s performance.

New Perspectives

Interns are at an age where they are young and objective. Their opinions are fully their own and they have an opinion on everything. Hiring an intern can inject a fresh perspective to your business, as interns are good at questioning processes and challenging the way that companies currently do things.

When hiring an intern encourage them to ask questions, share ideas and thoughts, attend brainstorm sessions and meetings. By allowing an intern to experience all aspects of your company, they can offer a fresh perspective on your business, strategies and plans.

Courteous & Impressive

Interns are often only provided with a short period of time to create a good impression, therefore they understand that every moment counts – due to this they’re often more friendly and courteous than full time employees. As an internship serves as a trial period for both intern and company, interns are often very eager to work extremely hard to impress their manager in the hope of being offered a full time position further down the road.

Therefore when hiring an intern you will receive not only a friendly and courteous individual but also an enthusiastic hard worker than is eager to create a great, long lasting impression.

What does this mean for businesses?

By hiring an intern you are investing in a courteous, flexible, enthusiastic and loyal individual to inject a youthful perspective and energy into your business. Hiring an intern makes business sense as it has the power to propel the productivity of your small business for an effective cost.

Although the cost of an intern is the main selling point to many companies, it is important to note that interns are unique, hard working and adaptable. When managed effectively they can thrive to become an integral part of any business. If you’re looking to add a special addition to your team visit Intern Avenue to find brilliant interns today.

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