Interns of the Month – Creative February

Welcome to Creative February! Last month we featured some of our technical and social science students and graduates but our candidates come from and have a wide variety of academic backgrounds and career aspirations. This month we’re featuring two great interns with creative interests and work experience.


Interns of the Month FebruaryAs a final year French and Arabic undergraduate at UCL, I have always had a fondness and enthusiasm towards working with people, culture and places, in particular: fashion events, PR and journalism. I am currently looking for a graduate entry role that complements and strengthens my interests and background in these fields. 

As president of my university’s fashion society, I co-ordinate an annual large-scale charity fashion show and through this event management, I have practiced detailed organisation, time management, adaptability and interpersonal skills.

My previous work experience includes interning in fashion journalism and working as an online fashion editor. In these positions I developed clear and concise communication – both in written expression and in teamwork.

I am an effective member of any workplace – pro-active, enthusiastic and efficient.

Quick Fire Question – When was the last time someone amazed you? What did they do?

The Chanel runway collections several years ago ignited my current love for fashion shows.  However, I’ve been repeatedly captivated and transported to the realm of fantasy by Karl Lagerfeld’s seasonal presentations, including his most recent in Paris. The set design and production is always original, opulent and ambitious. In short – it never fails to amaze.

Intern Fact File


Interns of the Month February

I am a simple but energetic girl  used to having a lot of stuff to do every day. My university was private and the system was very different compared to other public universities in Italy. They were three long and intensive years of school and work which really matured me. It was a tough experience involving many sacrifices, but I would not change anything. Sometimes I think going through hardship can be a good thing to experience to help mold you as a person.

I am passionate about every kind of sport, especially skiing. I have won different competitions with my local Ski Club. Now, I enjoy going to the gym and travelling. Living in London there is something new to discover every day!

Quick Fire Question – What inspired you to take on your field of study?

In 2012 I graduated from High School in Italy majoring in Graphic Design. For a year after graduating, I took on a multiple work experiences being a Graphic Designer for a few sports companies – from skiing to cycling and snowboarding and had the opportunity to work with many of the products directly, which I found very interesting. 

Whilst working with the skiing company, I got the chance to create my own ski boots to be sold in the company. I worked directly with the product from concept to creation, researching and designing my very own product. I loved it!

From these experiences I realised my real passion was within the world of Fashion Design. I decided to begin a course studying Fashion Design with an online university whilst working full-time for a Fashion Boutique as a Visual Merchandiser and Sales Assistant.

Intern Fact File

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