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Selecting the interns and graduates from our database this month was a difficult decision but we managed to narrow it down to four great candidates. See what they have to say about themselves below and how they answered our quick fire question!


Jay university internsI graduated from Queen Mary University with a 1st in Economics, Finance and Management. Whilst at University I developed advanced numerical skills through using excel spreadsheet to analyse data, enhanced my leadership skills through leading up to 20 Queen Mary students during volunteering events and gained knowledge of Macro/Micro economic theory to a more advanced level.  I am a highly energetic, determined and motivated individual who will bring enthusiasm, new ideas and loyalty to any company. I am looking to work for a company where I will be able to use me existing abilities and knowledge as well as learn from industry professionals and develop new skills.  In my free time I enjoy participating in 5KM runs at my local park, playing football with my friends as well as going to the local cinema.


The main objective that motivates me to get out of bed every day is the opportunity to learn something that I never knew the day before, the chance to meet new fascinating people and the prospect of facing innovative challenges.  All these factors encourage and motivate me each day, because I know that each day will provide me with the platform to develop new skills, knowledge and become a better individual. Even if I had a bad day, I am still motivated to wake up and face the upcoming day since I know that no two days are the same and this excites me.


Dan internsI am a recent Politics & Sociology graduate of Cambridge University, where I was President of my college’s Student Union, and have just moved to London following a period working at home. I’m of dual British/American nationality, interested in politics, economics and social issues, and looking to gain experience in either law and advocacy, publishing and journalism, the public sector, education or the third sector. I have further work experience in international finance, marketing, retail, and charitable organisations.

Quick fire question  – What is your dream role?

It’s a little bit of an unusual one, but I’m sure I would really enjoy being a headteacher! Working with young people to improve their prospects, giving them the tools to go out and change the world around them by encouraging critical thinking and entrepreneurship, building a sense of community and solidarity; it would be a fantastic way to spend my time.


Ciara internsI’m recent graduate from the University of Nottingham with a degree in History. I’ve always enjoyed marketing and I have recently completed two internships in the industry to expand my knowledge and gain some hands on experience. I have worked hard to achieve excellence throughout my years in full-time education and I now look to develop this in my professional career. I build bonds with people and enjoy forging excellent relationships with everyone that I interact with. My positivity rubs off and I often find myself naturally taking the lead. Bubbly, resourceful and enthusiastic I am often placed in positions of trust by those around me.

Quick fire question – Tell us something interesting about you that’s not on your resume

I am passionate about dancing and have both taught and performed for a number of years! This is something about me that isn’t typically on my resume, I have been a dancer for many years and even performed professionally in a Lady Gaga tribute act! It’s safe to say I know the words to every Lady Gaga song!


Adity InternsI am a final year student at Imperial College London, pursuing an Integrated Bachelors and Master’s degree in Electronic and Information Engineering. Having explored several facets of engineering and their interactions with the business world, I have developed a keen interest in initiating my career either in finance or consulting. Both these industries allow me to apply the skills I have acquired through the technical rigour of my course to real problems being faced by corporates and individuals around the world.
While my technical interests lie in the field of artificial intelligence and personal robotics, my innate capacity for entrepreneurship keeps me on the lookout for business opportunities where solutions to diverse problems could be created by employing technology.

Beyond my course, I also indulge in self-taught web design and development as a freelancer – allowing me to keep up with my skills regularly. This habit has greatly helped me act on my ideas and rapidly build minimal viable products.

Quick Fire Question – What would you consider your greatest accomplishment to date?

Born to a middle-class family in India, everything that I did to reach where I am today – studying at one of the best technical universities globally and living in the greatest city – has been an accomplishment. But there has been one in particular that I can call my greatest accomplishment to date – reaching space.

Six months ago, my friends and I teamed up with IBM and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College to create a probe from scratch, send it to the edge of space and retrieve it. This was a grand challenge then, and it is a grand challenge now; but we did it.

We created a probe from scratch: building the structure, soldering and assembling the hardware and sensors, writing software for constant 2-way communication and creating a website to visually represent the data being received from our probe. We used a helium balloon to send our probe up to the edge of space (approximately 40 km above sea level) and then drove a mini-van across Northern England using coordinates being sent down by our probe only to retrieve it in one piece in the middle of a farm land.

Reaching space is every kid’s dream and completing this project seemed just as surreal as a dream. Undoubtedly, my greatest accomplishment to date.


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