Happy Women in STEM Day!

As a tech company and start up, women in technology is an issue that’s close to our hearts. We thought we’d catch up with some of our students and graduates to see what they had to say about issues women today face in academic field of science and technology. These are their answers to our quick questions.


Undergraduate Student

What Degree did you/are you studying? BSc Computer Science

University – Queen Mary University of London

Graduation Year – 2018


I think it goes way back before university – you can see it in children as young as five, so girls will pick different topics and different toys, they would rather do more imaginative play than constructive or engineering play. But it I think it’s not really a problem just for universities, I think that would be a much narrower version of the real problem.


I think it’s perpetuated throughout childhood, women less good at maths, are less good at building, and that’s why the toy choices are so evident even at childhood not just in school or at GCSE or A levels or university picking a topic.  


Undergraduate Student

What Degree did you/are you studying? BSc Computer Science

University – Middlesex University

Graduation Year –  2018

Which is more important – experiences in primary school or secondary school education to deciding to study science/technology related degrees?

Secondary Education. Because in secondary education the academic decisions you make have a lifetime impact on your career. This is the time, and potentially the only chance we have to encourage girls and women to follow a career path in science.  


Undergraduate Student

What Degree did you/are you studying? Information, Technology, Management for Business

University – University of the West of England

Graduation Year –  2018

What would you like to to happen to encourage more girls to do science/technology degrees?

More days in schools where girls specifically can be aware of the opportunities and the different courses out there, I think is where it needs to be targeted more. I had to go and do my own research, whereas if you come into the schools I think it will be better.

so, more awareness needs to be given to women to let them know that a science or tehcnology degree could work for them

Yes, in schools, the possibility should be encouraged more and made more available to young women. 

In secondary schools?

Secondary schools, yes, specially during meetings with career advisers and when universities visit. 


Recent Graduate

What Degree did you/are you studying? MSc Data Science and Analytics

University – Royal Holloway University of London

Graduation Year – 2015 

How did you first become interested in science/technology?

I am interested in science and technology because it’s like everything in your life goes with science and technology.

Did your interest start in primary or secondary education?

During my secondary education became interested in science and technology because I felt it was such an integral part of my everyday life.  

What made you decide to study Data Science and Analytics?

Actually, I was just inquiring about what different courses there are for an MSc and I came across Data Science and Analytics. It is actually a very useful degree – it is in every domain, it is useful in every domain, it is not domain specific subject. I believe there are many more job opportunities in this field.

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