Completing your profile (feat. silly gifs)

If you’ve signed up with us, we’re pretty sure of one thing: you’re looking for a job. And you can be pretty sure that we want to get you a job, the best one possible. The most important thing for us both to get what we want is making sure your profile is filled out.
The best thing about our system is that it does the work for you: you’re matched up with employers you like and jobs you’d enjoy. But it all depends on the profile. In fact, we’ve found candidates that have filled out their profiles above 90% are almost three times more likely to be offered positions than those who haven’t.
Why? A few reasons, which we’ve conveniently set out here with some completely unrelated gifs.
1. You look active

Filling out your profile is one of the signs we look for to find active users. We love active users: we always talk to them first, whether it’s about jobs or other benefits,  and if you’re frequently active you’re more likely to be featured in our “Candidate of the Month” feature on our blog (June here, July coming soon!) which is a fantastic way to get noticed by companies.

2. You’re a perfect fit

Even if you’re not regularly active, the key way employers get applicants through us is by looking through matched candidates. The more complete your profile is, the more likely you are to match, meaning you’re much more likely to be one of the first considered for the job.

3. We know you better
If you’ve got a filled out profile you’ll come up on a lot of searches, and eventually it’s like Tinder in a small town: pretty soon you get to know the faces. The sooner you tell us all about you the sooner we can find you a job you’ll love with a company just right for you.
And, after all, it takes 20 minutes. Give that daytime rerun a skip this time and you could land yourself a job within a week.

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