Employee Wellbeing – Why you should care about it

Much is placed on the importance of Employee Wellbeing nowadays, and with the influence of ‘start-up culture’ starting to be felt more and more, it is an important aspect of a job to consider when choosing where to work after uni. But what actually is it?

It’s likely that you will spend close to 2000 hours at work this year. Depressing much? Well it doesn’t have to be.

Employers have the potential to make that time a positive and enjoyable time. They have a large influence over the lives and wellbeing of their staff. This could be in the form of ensuring a good work-life balance, an enjoyable working environment, being in good health, a sense of job security.. Supportive supervision, good training and a sense that an employee can actually make a difference also helps. The list goes on..

Many grads tend to focus purely on starting salary when choosing a job, however wellbeing should be the most important thing you look at. Graduate jobs and schemes can often consist of long-working hours, being worked to the bone and leave you feeling like employee #394792, rather than ‘Owen’. Once in one of these environments, that high salary you wanted so much will seem insignificant when your social life becomes non-existent.

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One of our newest employers, Unum, are pioneers in new ways to keep their staff happy, productive and healthy. From private dental care and eye-tests, to spacious, stately-home style offices, they have mastered employee wellbeing and high productivity. Their headquarters are the beautiful Milton Court in Dorking, just outside of London, which boasts large grounds for employees to relax at lunch, as well as house their after-work staff events and parties.

Their generous holiday policies (27 days excluding bank holidays!) are just another example of their commitment to a happy workplace. The salaries on offer are also extremely generous, however the way they look after their employees stands out as being market leading. They ensure that graduates benefit from a good work-life balance, with office hours being strictly 9-5 including a 45 minute lunch break. Plenty of time to keep your social life on track!

All of this means that Unum have is among the 1% of recognised organisations to have been awarded Gold Status by Investors in People.

Unum run three graduate schemes; Actuarial, Finance and Professional Development, with intakes in both January and summer 2016. Applications are open, apply now!

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