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The Erasmus programme was established in 1987 and has supported over 2 million students to study abroad for up to one year in another European university or to gain work experience abroad.

Erasmus+ is the current framework in place for the period 2014-2020, aiming to encompass all subprogrammes: student and training (formerly known as Erasmus placement or Leonardo programmes).

At Intern Avenue, we fully support the Erasmus programme in the UK, and we are an advocate for student and young talent mobility across Europe and for UK companies to host European interns through the Erasmus programme.

In this guide, we’ll briefly explain how the programme works and if you’re an Erasmus placement candidate and want to do an internship in the UK. We’ll show you how to state this in your application through Intern Avenue so that companies are aware of the paperwork involved.

Erasmus+ application process

Source: International Exchange Erasmus Student Network

As shown in the diagram above, you first need to find an internship. They will interview you and if you are successful, you’ll receive an offer for an internship. This is where they will sign your Erasmus agreement. Then you apply through your home institution, submitting the documents and other university requirements (e.g. language exams, number of courses passed, average grade). If the application through your university is successful, you will receive a grant of €400/month plus travel reimbursement. In some cases, universities top this up. Additionally, companies can offer a salary to meet the national minimum wage. The placement or internship can last from 3 to 12 months.

At Intern Avenue, we make this process easy. You can just sign up, apply to one of the many opportunities on our site, and in your cover letter or personal statement include the fact that you’ll be applying for an Erasmus+ scholarship. Once your application is successful, the employers (your receiving company) will sign the traineeship agreement needed for your Erasmus+ scholarship application through your university.

Simultaneously, at Intern Avenue we are always looking for the brightest students: we offer technical and non technical internships  (some of us are Erasmus alumni ourselves!) and we offer the benefits of working at a rapidly growing startup in the heart of London! When you sign up, look out for any of the opportunities within Intern Avenue among other employers.

Don’t forget to plan early and let us know if you have any queries during the process.

More information

Erasmus world (UK site)


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