The Top 10 Coolest Workplaces of 2015

Last week we took a look at which companies were ranked as the best workplaces by their employees. This week we continue our coverage of successful workplaces by looking at Inc.’s list of The Coolest Offices of 2015.

The offices featured on this list aren’t all just pretty faces. They combine a multitude design aspects to stimulate productivity and foster positive working environments. Working environments that are well-being orientated, tend to produce happier, healthier workers, and simultaneously, better work.

ekimetrics workplaces
Ekimetrics Office in Paris, France. Photo by Arnaud Schelstraete

This is not news to designers and architects. The World Green Building Council in 2014 convened 60 experts across 20 countries to compile data on the effects of physical working environments on health and productivity. Their research is extensive and looks at the effects of simple design on a several aspects of mental and physical health. For example, neuroscientists have suggested that workers with office spaces that have windows and therefore exposure to white light (daylight) sleep on average 46 minutes more than those who don’t.

Writing for The Guardian, John Alker, director of policy and communications at the UK Green Building Council, outlined the case for companies to start focusing on designing office spaces for health and productivity.

Salt Workplaces in Yekaterinburg, Russia
Salt Co-Working Offices in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Photo by Nikita Polosov

“Good indoor air quality, thermal comfort, high quality views, daylight, good acoustics and indeed location and amenities – all play a crucial role in creating a healthy, productive workplace,” Alker noted.

However these are just the base-line for a healthy workplace. The next steps in office design are to make those workplaces inspiring, to both the team members and clients. And ultimately, to make the space emblematic of the companies values, focus, and goals.

Our favourites on Inc.’s list include Soundcloud’s minimal and eco-friendly Berlin office, AirBnB’s San Francisco headquarters that are inspired by homes and cultures from around the globe, and e-mail start-up Bluecore’s custom designed New York office with a huge lunch table to seat all 38 members of the company.

To see the full list, take a look here.

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