The IA app goes live!

Haven’t got our app yet? It’s time to get on board!

Join thousands in downloading the Intern Avenue App for iPhone and Android. Like our free online platform, it streamlines the job hunt process. After quickly and easily setting up your profile, you’ve already put yourself out there for companies  of companies to head-hunt you.

Our platform also works to match you with roles that are suited to your skill set. Once your profile is complete, ideal jobs from our board will be sent straight to your profile. You can apply with just one click.

Intern Avenue is ludicrously easy to use. Why? It’s created solely with you in mind. Our priority is to give bright, young students and graduates a simple, straightforward way to find quality paid work experience.

You can now take our platform with you everywhere you go with our App. Browse through positions while you’re on the tube. Get your responses from employers sent directly to your phone. Using the app will give you a faster response rate, and a better likelihood of securing a job.

We believe that finding excellent internships and grad jobs shouldn’t take an age, and our App is another step we’ve taken to ensure your internship is in the palm of your hand.

Find the app on the iTunes store HERE. The app is also on Google Play HERE.

Intern Avenue App Screenshots

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