Lloyds Bank Company Culture – Is It For Me?

Lloyds Bank of London

Lloyds Banking Group’s Graduate Programme is launching on Intern Avenue soon – applications open soon. So we thought it would be good for you to know if you are well suited to work in a large bank organisation. Of course, each company will have a different culture, but one thing all banks have in common is a fast-paced, busy environment. A self-starter attitude and a sponge-like mentality will ensure you soak up as much information as possible while expanding your practical skills.

So what’s it like working at a big bank, and what’s it like working for Lloyds?

In Business Insider’s “The 25 Best Banks To Work For”, bank company culture reviews (from those claiming to be previous employees) range from, “Very easy work environment” to, “Your day life will be full of stress”. While you shouldn’t let this discourage you from pursuing a career in Banking, Finance or Management, be prepared to push yourself and be under some pressure. The rewards and bonuses are also incentive enough!

Lloyds bank was the fourth oldest UK bank and Lloyds Banking Group is still a major institution in the world of finance. Its operations overseas place it across the world map but it is still a firmly rooted British organisation. Customers always come first, but so do the colleagues, and Lloyds makes a point of ensuring this is the case.

Lloyds page“Our business success depends on engaged and motivated colleagues. We want to create a great working environment and aim to attract, retain and develop the best talent. We do this through offering competitive reward packages, investing in colleagues’ skills and knowledge and ensuring that they have the right tools and resources they need to make their contributions effective.”

The staff of a banking organisation, regardless of their roles, each stand as representatives of the brand which directly affects the customers. The award-winning bank states that it is “a business based on building deep and lasting relationships with our customers through the efforts of our colleagues. We need them to be strong advocates of the Group, as their interactions with customers will influence how customers see us. Creating a great place to work is therefore a core priority for the Group, and it is key to attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.” Lloyds boasts a series of high achievements and colleague satisfaction, shown by the following facts and statistics:

  • As part of the Lloyds Banking Group, Lloyds TSB, now Lloyds Bank, was named by the charity Working Families as one of the UK’s Top 20 employers for working parents in 2009.
  • 82% of colleagues said they had a clear understanding of the goals of Lloyds Banking Group.
  • 89% of colleagues said they have a very clear idea of their job responsibilities.
  • In 2009 we won two Industry awards for our benefits provision, including Most Effective Use of a Voluntary Benefits Plan and Most Effective All Employee Share Scheme Strategy.

If the approach you are looking for in a corporate setting is that of an animated, lively environment that allows you to balance your work life, then the Lloyds Banking Group company culture would be well suited to you. Their focus on driving colleague engagement is achieved through the recognition of employee’s efforts and giving of rewards, a flexibility in dealing with personal circumstances and a healthy work-life balance, the presence of opportunities for further learning and training, and a fully diverse group of colleagues.

The Lloyds Banking Group Graduate Programme has vacancies in General Management, Commercial Banking and Specialist Functions, so stay alert with Intern Avenue while we keep you posted with the latest in the run up to the application open date.

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