10 reasons why a career in marketing could be the best move you ever make

Making a decision on which career to pursue is one of the most important choices a person can make, and with such a focus on social media and advertising, the market is more diverse than ever. We are living in an age where a record number of people are utilising social media and digital communications on a daily basis – both for work and for leisure according to a study by Ketchum.

Many who enjoy the creative freedoms offered by technology are able to work with it for a living in marketing – by promoting products through social media, advertisements and communications.

As a sector that is always in demand, those who have grown up native to social media and personal branding are uniquely placed to promote products and services as a part of the business process. Therefore if you feel that you have creative juices flowing through your veins, here are 10 reasons why a career in marketing could be the best move you ever make:

1.Everybody needs marketing

Marketing is a quintessential part of the business process. All companies need their products and services to be publicised and it is marketing specialists who are given the responsibility of driving their message to consumers.

2.It’s a growing market

With the rise of social media, new platforms of communication have been opened up for marketers to target audiences. In contrast to previous generations, it is not always about securing coverage in newspapers, billboards and television – for as the horizon has expanded into the world of Google, Facebook and Twitter.

3.Plenty of opportunities are available

Learning to use digital platforms also opens up opportunities for your career – who knows what offers might come your way if you are able to effectively promote products and services via new technologies in an increasingly digital age.

4.You get to work with recognisable brands

Lots of people pursue a career in marketing because they are drawn to recognisable brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and Google. Though marketing is certainly not glamorous at times, working for the biggest and best brands is a noble ambition for many.

5.A variety of roles are on offer

From working in advertising to public relations to market research, there are a variety of opportunities available in the sector today, meaning you will be able to specialise in a role that suits your skill-set.

6.Marketing puts your creative skills to use

Problem solving and brainstorming ideas are both vital cogs in the daily creative process in marketing. It is about formulating ideas capable of standing out in a competitive environment – which allows individuals with imaginative minds to thrive.

7. Easy to see your results

You are able to see the end goal of your work – whether you have secured an advertisement on a billboard or a television commercial – it is there for all to see, which can be extremely satisfying.

8.It’s a stimulating career

Marketing requires a lot of hard work, self-critique and determination. Unlike many other professions, working in the sector can be intellectually stimulating for those who want to make a lasting impression.

9. You do not need a specialist degree

In contrast to many other professions, you do not need a marketing degree to get into the industry. Employers often prefer experience and an appetite to succeed over a specialist degree – so there is no need to worry if you haven’t graduated in the field.

10.You get to understand people

Understanding how people react to words and images is an important part of the job description. Putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes and interpreting how a message will be received is an essential skill for the profession, as well as life.

If you have the passion to bring words and images on paper to life, then marketing might be the career for you. Organisations need to find ways of standing out in the marketplace – more so than ever in an age of social media and digital communications, so why not consider a career in the sector?

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