Luke: A day in the life of a Marketing Intern

Contrary to the header, our marketing intern Luke spends his days in our office rather than posing ruggedly on rocky mountain tops. To give you a taster on what its like to work as an intern for a small business, take a read of his “A Day in the Life” here:

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern:

Bagels, Graphics and Negotiation


7:30 am: On a usual day I’ll fight the demons of sleep to get out of bed and rush to the office for a 9 am start. As an intern, your problem solving and decision making skills start before you even get into the office. For example: granola or Nutella bagel? Both. Always. Jeans and beanie or suit? Today it’s a suit. I have a meeting set for the afternoon, and looking fresh is important.

8:00 am:Tube time, squeezing your way between the
arm pits of the commuting masses, filling the dead time on the way to work: check email, hopefully nothing too important. So that means I can get in a spot of Peak Training to become a fully functioning human before I get there.

10:00 am: My morning is often filled with meetings. I start by talking with our lovely COO, Andrew, about what I’m going to be doing that day, where we are in our action plan for the campaign events. Need to contact a few people, prepare some content for my presentation with that University and do some graphic mockups for what I want the new landing pages to look like.

Today I’m meeting with the guys from tech. This is what happens when you come up with a novel marketing campaign, you kind of assume these things are doable and then ask the people with experience in that area to be sure. Unfortunately it would help if I checked whether these things are easily doable first…I didn’t. There are going to be some speed bumps aren’t there? Already learnt about 5 digital services I didn’t know existed, its kind of like uni at times

13:00 pm: Now to reward myself for my hard work by feasting at whichever nearby food place i’m going for today, Vietnamese? Thai? Indian? Waitrose? Hardest choices of the day happen now. Refuelled with international cuisine I’m ready to hit some graphics

14:00 pm: Designing some new graphics for our website and social media, I wasn’t sure initially if this was something I enjoyed but actually making stuff on Photoshop is not as hard as everyone makes out, and you can make some beautiful stuff! Also writing some of the copy for emails and flyers etc in the lead up to our new events schedule. Then got to get my game face on for my meeting.

16:00 pm: My first ever full on business meeting. Totally not nervous (read: internally terrified, externally confident). But we actually get on really well and make some plans for the events, talk about our new newsletter and organise a follow up for a few days time. She even bought me a hot chocolate. Business meetings are not so bad!

17:00 pm: Back at the office we schedule a meeting for tomorrow morning to discuss our new content strategy, working with our Aussie content manager to make sure we’re getting maximum impact with a little bit of fun too. We’re redesigning a lot of our site, and a smooth looking face lift is something we both agree on. The type of font is something we usually do not. But thankfully, we often meet in the middle and find a style that suits both us and the brand. Compromise – it’s important!

18:00 Time to go! Short wander to the tube and its home time, time to stop thinking about graphics and start thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner, chilli con carne or curry? Decisions are so hard, aren’t they?

And it all starts again tomorrow, I’ve been so busy, how is this just Week 1? But I’m learning a lot so hey!

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