Interns of the Month – June Edition

At Intern Avenue we have a wide range of candidates from a variety of backgrounds, each month we try to feature interns that represent this diversity. This month we are featuring a current student and recent graduate both with very different academic backgrounds but with equally interesting work experience!


intern june

I graduated from the University of Bradford in 2015 with a First Class Degree in Television Production. During my time at the University of Bradford I received an Award Nomination from the Royal Television Student Society for the Six Seconds of What Documentary, responding the question that some of us wondered: How did the social media app Vine grow so fast on millennials?

My most recent and exciting opportunity was to be selected as one of the six finalists to become CEO for 1 Month at the Adecco Group UK & Ireland, part of their international programme. With 54.000 applications worldwide and over 1,200 applications in the UK & Ireland only. My experience with the BBC was also a great opportunity that allowed me to explore my strengths and grow further, not only within a large organisation but as an individual as well.
My interests lie within – Technology, Disruptive Innovations, IoT, 3D Printers, World Economic Forum.  I am interested in learning how major blue chips will disrupt in the Industry 4.0 as well as how SME’s plan to innovate by using less traditional ways to break within the existing markets. For instance, the 360 Photo Launch Day by Facebook it is a very interesting initiative– which teleports’ me back to my core interest – Media.



intern june

After graduating from Southern Medical University with two degrees, I went to University of Nottingham to continue my studies in Management Psychology. I have worked in different industries in the past few years including HR, consulting and retail, acted as Vice President for the Student Union of Southern Medical University in China and completed rewarding volunteer work. Reading around different subjects regularly and being sensitive to people’s needs allows me to explore further opportunities myself. I am also proud to be an international student, as the challenges I have faced showed me my determination and increased my confidence. Furthermore, as a person who cares about sustainability and social commitment, I am in the process of setting up a fundraising agency with my friends which enables people to contribute to their favourite charity without an actual cost to themselves. I have to perform well simultaneously in my studies and in my work, which improves my time management and problem solving skills significantly. From all of these, I have become a well-rounded person which is an advantage in such a client-oriented industry.

Quick Fire Question – What motivated you to pick your field of study and why?

I am studying MSc Management Psychology at University of Nottingham right now. Being a consultant is something I always dreamed of doing. Back in my undergraduate, I did not know exactly what type of consulting I would be interested in and how I was going to make it my career.

I have acquired two bachelor degrees from Southern Medical University, namely, BSc Applied Psychology and BA Public Administration. When I was deciding on where to focus my studies in a postgraduate degree, taking my previous experience and own interests into consideration, I choose to study management psychology. I knew from the very first introduction class that it was the major for me.

Now I strongly believe that my broad range of work experiences, and my passion to solve complex business issues enhanced with my motivation makes me a suitable fit for business consultant and I feel very lucky that I have chosen the right course.


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