Work experience to help you stand out from the crowd

Time and time again, employers claim that a standalone degree isn’t enough to secure a job after university anymore. Work experience to supplement a strong academic background is now the order of the day, with many students using their spare time and summer breaks to better their CV. The reason for this is simple – 4 in 10 graduate jobs are now “reserved” for applicants with practical work experience and 37% of organisations are hiring candidates who have previously worked for them. But what is the best way to gain a work experience placement and stand out from the crowd?

Those looking to stay ahead of the curve will start researching opportunities whilst studying at university. Though it may be impractical to work during term time because of lectures, students with their hand on the pulse will be readily applying for internships that commence when term finishes. After all very few placements will be left by the end of term – so you always need to think ahead!

Start your research early, and consider companies big and small. Send speculative emails and utilise social media to your advantage and get your name out there. Even the most talented candidates will get rejected and ignored from time to time – it happens! Being resilient and flexible with your options is everything – so always have a plan B, C, D and E!

Once you have successfully gained a placement, the experience you get with it can be a wonderful thing. The hands on approach will give you an insight to the daily demands of the job, and you will get the opportunity to test yourself, learn new skills and network with individuals in the same profession.

However the most important part of the process comes when you have finished your placement. Whilst there is always the chance you’ll be asked to stay on as a permanent member of staff, remember that if you are not given that opportunity, you still have the experience to stand out from the crowd – now is the time to utilise it.

Update your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile with your experience prioritised at the top and covered in good detail. Talk about your responsibilities, what you learnt and how you are a better candidate because of the process. After all, employers are looking for candidates who have experience and you now have that! You need to make the most of it – whether you feel that the time is right to market yourself to employers or you’re considering an extra work experience placement to add even more gravitas to you application, the choice is yours!

At Intern Avenue we have internships from a range of big corporate names, from Amazon and Technicolor to Make Believe and Lloyds Banking Group. If you are a student, graduate or MBA looking to stand out in a competitive field of aspiring professionals, then the internships at Intern Avenue are worth considering. Work experience is the most effective way to make sure you stand out from the competition, and the internships provided at Intern Avenue give you that opportunity!

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