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I consider myself to be a highly adaptable and resilient individual. Through my experiences abroad, I have come to appreciate and enjoy the changes that life offers. I have seen first hand the ways a person can benefit from being able to recognise and utilise challenging situations for the opportunities they present by maintaining a flexible character, and being able to adapt to your environment. Plans rarely go exactly the way we initially picture them to. This is not a failure, but rather an unexplored path that has the potential to lead to an even better result than originally imagined. Having lived and worked in several different countries and established relationships all over the world, I have learned how to become flexible and fluid in my surroundings, and to open my eyes to perspectives and ideas that I never would have seen at home. I love knowing that I can be happy and comfortable no matter where in the world I am.

I have gained a lot of experience in team settings through my professional and educational careers. My online studies at the University of Phoenix require weekly Learning Team assignments and projects to be coordinated and completed remotely through the use of e-communication tools. Also, the marketing team that I manage for Realy has helped me to grow both as a leader and as a follower. I have learned that being an effective leader often times means stepping back in order to let others step forward. I recognise that managing a team is not about telling your members what to do, but instead it is about coordinating the strengths and skills of all members, and helping to bring each individual's best qualities to the forefront for the team to build off of together. This creates a richer result than what a mere combination of individual efforts could ever produce.

This year, I was selected to single-handedly establish and govern a new office in the U.S. as a part of the University of North Carolina Charlotte’s incubator program, PORTAL. Responsible for establishing brand awareness in the U.S., I have developed a marketing campaign and individualy selected and trained a team of marketing interns to help me achieve our goals. As a part of these efforts, I have developed a plan to increase our Corporate Social Responsibility through community involvement and volunteer activities. As a start-up company with a very tight budget, I have designed all of our marketing and client outreach campaigns to have the maximum impact for the minimum investment, which has successfully increased our client base by over 4,000 accounts in a span of 6 months.

I know myself, and I know that there is no situation I cannot overcome. I am determined, capable, creative and powerful, and these are the qualities that will continue to bring me success in my life and my career. These are the qualities that will help me bring success to your organization.

Expected Hourly Rate - £7.00


  • English (Mother Tongue)Spoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • SpanishSpoken: ConversationalWritten: Proficient

Prefered Locations


Marketing Director and Professional Services Manager / █████
2014 - Present


Global Business Management (Still Studying) /
Class of ████
University of Phoenix
  • Ethics and Social ResponsibilityHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Business ResearchHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Principles of Accounting IIHigher National Diploma (HND) (A or equivalent)
  • Principles of Accounting IHigher National Diploma (HND) (A or equivalent)
  • Management Theory and PracticeHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Intro to Computer Applications and SystemsHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Business Communications and Critical ThinkingHigher National Diploma (HND) (A or equivalent)
University of Alicante
  • Advanced Social Cultural RealitiesA Level or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • Intermediate Conversational SpanishHigher National Diploma (HND) (A or equivalent)
  • Advanced Spanish IHigher National Diploma (HND) (B or equivalent)
Eastern Michigan University
  • Introduction to BusinessHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Interpersonal CommunicationHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Intermediate Spanish IIHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)
  • Physics 101A Level or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • Beginning Spanish IIHigher National Diploma (HND) (A* or equivalent)

Awards & Scholarships

Honours Academic Programmes Abroad Scholarship/ Eastern Michigan University Honors College
Induction to the Honours College at Eastern Michigan University/ Eastern Michigan University

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