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I have moved out from China to UK to be able to study in an excellent University, and to improve my communication and time management skills. As I am coming from a mid-income family this meant that I have to work and study very hard to fulfil my dreams by myself. This outside pressure created a great challenge for me, as I had to understand the importance of being efficient, determined, and focused.

I have worked in different industries from the past few years till now including Energy, HR, consulting and retail, during these experiences has developed my awareness of serving customers, as we had to keep the high standards of quality work, respectful behaviour, and customer focus constantly. To ensure all these I have focused on being proactive and creating a positive working environment. Consequently, I could feel as a valuable employee, great work attitude results in happier customers.

Having acted as Vice President for the Student Union of Southern Medical University in China has helped me to become a good team member as well as a good leader. By communicating effectively, taking different opinions, different needs and requirements into consideration, and coordinate among people from different departments allow me to organise a number of university activities such as women’s day gala and debate competition has improved my ability to work with other team members and people from other departments effectively.

Being as the vice president also taught me to think from a macro perspective and take the long term impact as well as possible risk into consideration while making decisions. Have awareness of looking into the future, looking around to see what in the environment can have impact on the group.

Besides, having completed rewarding volunteer work has developed my sense of integrity and want to help others who are misfortune. I feel it is important to do the right things ,for example when I was volunteering for the aids patients I need to help those people who are much miserable than me, and this helped me to develop the sense of integrity and my confident that this was the right thing to do.

I strongly believe that my broad range of work experience in various industries has made myself become a well-rounded person, which are advantages in such a competitive and client-oriented society. I can proudly say that though I have faced some hard times, these experience made me stronger, and reassured me about my own passions and motivations. The skills I possess, such as analytical and communication, alongside my own motivations, are essential in the challenging and ever-changing commercial environment that I will face in the future. The fascinating complexity of tackling business problems and managing risk have inspired me to start my career in a business related sector.

Expected Hourly Rate - £11.00




  • Mandarin (Mother Tongue)Spoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • EnglishSpoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • CantoneseSpoken: BasicWritten: Basic


Business Analyst / █████ ███████
2016 - Present
Contributor / █████████
2016 - Present
Intern-Consultant / ███ ██████ █████████ ██████ ████ █████ █████████
2015 - 2015
Intern-Psychological Service Assistant / ████████ ████ ████████ █████████ ████████
2014 - 2014
Intern-Administration Assistant / ████████ ██████ ██████ █████████
2014 - 2014
Intern-Sales / ███████ ██████████ █████ ███████████ ██ ████████
2012 - 2012
Intern-Accounts Assistant / ███████ ███████ ██████████████ ███████
2011 - 2011


Psychology and Management (Lower Second Class Honours) / University of Nottingham
Class of ████
Public Administration (Upper Second Class Honours) /
Class of ████
Applied Psychology (Upper Second Class Honours) /
Class of ████
NO.6 Middle School of Neijiang
  • GeographyA Level or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • HistoryA Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • PoliticsA Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • ChineseA Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • EnglishA Level or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • MathematicsA Level or equivalent (A* or equivalent)

Awards & Scholarships

Outstanding Youth League Cadres / May 4th Honouring Ceremony of the University
Excellent Pacesetter / Training Program of Excellent Student Cadres
Outstanding Youth League Member / May 4th Honouring Ceremony of the University

Extra Curricular Teams & Societies

Student Union / Southern Medical University
Red Cross Association / Southern Medical University
Psychological Assiociation / Southern Medical University
Youth Volunteers Association
Student Union / Southern Medical University

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