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I spend years trying to realize who I am and what do I want to do. I tried a lot of things, and I keep trying new ones. As a teenager I took painting classes, I participated in the Russian traditional singing group, did track and field athletics team throughout my school years and tried target shooting when I found out that my Mom did it in her childhood, I joined chess club when I was 12 (and am still part of the MSU chess club); I play bridge, volleyball, tennis... I learn languages, I read (I am a literature major and reading is my passion). I dance! Dancing is and has been one of the biggest parts of my life, all I do is through dance and music. But after all I did, I realized that it doesn't matter what I do – what matters is receiving new knowledges and sharing it.

I started officially teaching when I moved to Moscow to attend university, but even before that I was always the one who explained difficult concepts for struggling students. In everything I do I am always ready to explain what I’m doing and help other people. I love the feeling when you see someone struggling and you can come and help, and reward him with good words, and watch him move on to something more advanced.

Since the beginning of my time at university, I have been teaching and tutoring as much as possible. I have my own fitness class. After classes I go to the dorm fitness studio and people join me and and repeat what I do. During my freshman year I taught people from toddlers to adults to speak Russian and English, I taught chess.. And so on and on.. When I found out – I want to be better in English I took all the money I saved and went for a month to Kaplan International Colledge in san Francisco to take a course of Academic English. And It helped me a lot in my future.

During my junior year I choose my second major: Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language". For a summer internship I worked with the 'Moscow and Beyond Study Program' from Carleton College. It went well and I was invited to work as a Language Assosiate at Carleton College in Minnesota for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Now I graduated, took my Gap Year and ready for new things to happen with me!

No Expected Hourly Rate


  • English (Mother Tongue)Spoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • RussianSpoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • FrenchSpoken: BasicWritten: Basic
  • SpanishSpoken: BasicWritten: Basic


Secretary / ████ ██ █████
2016 - 2016
Product Manager / ██████████████████ ███
2016 - 2017
Language Assosiate / ████████ ███████
2015 - 2016
Freelance translator / ███
2013 - Present
Tutor of English, Russian, French / ███
2011 - Present


French Language Studies (Unclassified / Not Applicable) /
Class of ████
TOEFL Preparation (Unclassified / Not Applicable) /
Class of ████
Russian Literature (Ordinary Degree) /
Class of ████
Russian and Linguistics (Ordinary Degree) /
Class of ████
Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • RussianInternational Baccalaureate (IB) (A* or equivalent)

Awards & Scholarships

Academic Achievements/ Lomonosov Moscow State University

Extra Curricular Teams & Societies

WCS Dancing Team
Chess Club / Lomonosov Moscow State University
Bridge Club / Carleton University
Fitness Club

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