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Ipswich England
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Since the age of fifteen, I have been enthusiastically taking up internships and work placements at various organisations, determined to take early steps towards fulfilling my aspirations. I have been told by both colleagues and friends that I am a talented writer with an engaging style, who puts effort and flair into everything from short, informal emails to double page spreads at my local newspaper. I’m committed, efficient and highly able, and unlike many other students of my age, I am confident in my aspirations and determined to achieve them. Aside from my academic studies at Durham University, I also pride myself on being friendly and enthusiastic, creative and dynamic, and a comfortable and keen team worker. With valuable media experience on both national and local levels and a natural dexterity in writing and thinking, I hope to combine my professional capabilities with my intellect and creative flair in order to fully realise my potential in the world of journalism, marketing and PR.

No Expected Hourly Rate




  • English (Mother Tongue)Spoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • FrenchSpoken: ConversationalWritten: Proficient


Waitress / ███████ █████ █████ ██████████ █████████
2012 - 2012
Writer / ███ █████ ██████████
2012 - Present
Intern / ███████ ████████ █████████
2010 - 2010
Substitute Entertainment & Features Writer / ████ ███████ █████ █████ █████████
2010 - 2010
Work Experience / █████ ████████ █████████ ███████████
2009 - 2009
Work Experience / █████████ ██████ ██
2007 - 2007


English Literature (Still Studying) / Durham University
Class of ████
Framlingham College
  • EconomicsA Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • FrenchA Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • English LiteratureA Level or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • HistoryA/S Level or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • PhysicsGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • ChemistryGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • BiologyGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • Religious StudiesGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • GeographyGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • MathematicsGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • HistoryGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • FrenchGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • English LanguageGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)
  • English LiteratureGCSE or equivalent (A* or equivalent)

Awards & Scholarships

13+ Academic Scholarship/ Framlingham College
11+ Academic Scholarship/ Brandeston Hall (Framlingham College)
16+ Goldsmith Scholarship for Outstanding GCSE Results/ Framlingham College
The Alfred Pretty Memorial Prize for French/ Framlingham College
The Alfred Pretty Memorial Prize for English/ Framlingham College

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