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Growing up in a world filled with numbers enabled me to greatly enjoy mathematics due to the challenges it gave me on a daily basis and its unique ability to apply itself to my everyday life. Doing mathematics A level helped improve my overall general logic, while the core maths and applied modules revealed the various types of mathematics, an example being game theory, and its application to economics in regards to collusions in oligopolies.

I am also keen on research. Recently, I read Roger Lowenstein's 'The End of Wall Street'. The author revealed the issues behind a global recession, and the anxieties businesses and workers were faced with daily. By reading this book it presented a fair answer as to why our generation has often been labelled by our predecessors' mistakes. This highlights my initiative to improve my knowledge, and my passion on why things occur.

Furthermore, I am an economics undergraduate. With a degree in economics, I intend to develop several additional skills including problem solving, essay writing and practical skills including leadership in a business environment. The year in industry choice will give me an excellent opportunity to experience life as an economist, whilst helping me secure my career choice in the future.

I am a very independent student, everyday I remain in school until 7pm to revise my subjects and complete my homework. This shows my ability to excel independently. I also speak fluent French, due to my Congolese heritage.

Joining my sixth form, I immediately joined the rugby team. Being a member of a disciplined sport taught me a vital skill- organisation. Early morning training sessions and using teamwork to our advantage showed me how to successfully communicate with others in order to achieve objectives. Also, our team wasn't always victorious. Although disappointment comes to mind at first, the will and determination to come back twice as hard taught me my Flexible person that is quick to adapt to new skills.

Several peers and I arranged a debating society, which occurred every fortnight, from after-schools and lunch hours to discuss current affairs. As a senior member of the debating society, I developed several skills, including the ability to successfully deliver speeches, swiftly respond to questions and to attract the audiences' attention.
In addition, I was also a prefect. Being appointed a prefect has given me self-responsibility, time management and how to truly be a man for others.
I am a kind, outgoing individual. I have participated in several charity events, including marathons and I am also a registered blood donor.

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  • English (Mother Tongue)Spoken: FluentWritten: Fluent
  • FrenchSpoken: FluentWritten: Proficient

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Waiter/barman / ██ ████ ███████
2013 - Present
Sales Assistant / ███ ██████ ███████ ████
2009 - 2010


Economics (Still Studying) / University of Kent
Class of ████
St. Ignatius College
  • EconomicsA Level or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • MathematicsA Level or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • Religious StudiesA Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • MathematicsA/S Level or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • EconomicsA/S Level or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • Religious StudiesA/S Level or equivalent (A or equivalent)
The totteridge academy
  • FrenchGCSE or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • Religious StudiesGCSE or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • EnglishGCSE or equivalent (B or equivalent)
  • MathematicsGCSE or equivalent (A or equivalent)
  • Double Award ScienceBTEC (Merit)

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Extra Curricular Teams & Societies

St. Ignatius Rugby Society

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