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Will graduated from Manchester University after studying History. He joined Intern Avenue to find paid work experience with interesting businesses. He applied for a position as a marketing intern at Minicabit 12 months ago. After successfully completing his internship, Will was quickly promoted to a senior position as Commercial Manager. He has been responsible for helping to grow business to over 650 whilst he has been in the team.
"My career progression has been huge. I have done pretty much everything to do with the company. It has been great getting involved in lots of different types of tasks and to find out how the industry works… I would not be here it was not for Intern Avenue."
William Porter
LSD Luxury Leather Goods
"After finishing my degree in Fine Art, I lived abroad for a while, at the same time starting to look for a job. Intern Avenue is so easy to use - sign-up, profile, picture - within one week I was having interviews! And then I got the job! I am now PR manager for LSD - we do luxury leather womens wear. My advice would be to go for it - there is a wide range of companies and roles - you will find that opportunity!"
Founders for Schools
"I have a BA and two Masters, and thought I might be over qualified for internships. But I jumped right in to it. The good thing about a paid opportunity is that the employer has taken the time and effort to make it worthwhile. Sign-up costs nothing, but can be life-changing! After my three month internship, I was offered a full time role. I am convinced that first entry level role is invaluable in beginning to build your all important professional network."
"I am convinced that first entry level role is invaluable
in beginning to build your all important professional network"
"Intern Avenue is so easy to use,
within one week I was having interviews!"
Media company AOL had tried a number of recruiting options to find intern and graduate talent. They enjoyed early success with Intern Avenue.
"Intern Avenue is a new way to hire. It is extremely user friendly and intuitive, better than any other website or tool we have used.You can really see candidates as people really easily. The functionality is very easy to use and the analytics are great as well. It is very rare to get decent metrics on who has been applying and viewing opportunities.t gives us very comprehensive information to make hiring choices. Without a doubt Intern Avenue has the best recruiter user experience out of all the services across the board. It is made with the employer in mind and there is nothing on the market like it."
Tim Goodchild / Recruitment Manager
Big data start-up needed an urgent hire after other recruiting methods proved un-productive. They found the quality and variety of candidates offered a more effective method of securing applicants.
"We love Intern Avenue and now use it for all our interns. One of Stefany’s (our first InternAvenue hire) last tasks as an intern was to find her own replacement at the end of her internship (which she did using Intern Avenue too). Unlike any other system we have come across, Intern Avenue helps you find and meet the right people fast."
David White / Founder
Today Translations is an award-winning international translation company with a global network of professional translators & interpreters working in over 200 languages.
"The level of candidates was really good; exceptionally good, actually. We found an excellent graduate (David) for our Marketing department. The Intern Avenue had a good range of candidates who were of a good fit for PR, Social Media, and Marketing. Our experience on Intern Avenue was great - it was "very very user friendly. You get pop-ups, email notifications. It felt very social... and was very interactive... A much more modern platform than other things I have encountered."
Rita Metloviate / Executive Officer
Amer Hasan, Founder and CEO at Minicabit
Janet Coyle, Director at SVC2UK

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