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About Ramco Systems Ltd.

The global software industry is now amidst an evolutionary change as several forces in the market are converging, triggering paradigm shifts in the basic structure of the business. The explosion in the number of mobile devices, the ubiquity of broadband connectivity and the consumerisation of IT are shifting the balance of power in enterprise software purchasing from the software vendor to the individual user. These trends are forcing software companies to change nearly everything—from the way they develop products to how they price, sell, deliver and service them.

Analysts like IDC project subscription revenue (including SaaS) to grow at a 17.5% compounded annual rate, whereas the license revenue is expected to grow only at 4%. The composition of subscription revenue is expected to reach 24% of total software revenue by 2016 from the current 5% share.

Customers are investing in HCM, with focus and interest in a global view into their workforce, ability to evenly apply talent management efforts globally, doing more with current resources and the perceived cost savings associated with cloud delivery. We believe it is just a matter of time ERP is in play. We at RAMCO have an ERP which has the functionality similar to a comprehensive ERP, is based on latest model based architecture is fully multi-tenanted and runs on iOS, Android and Windows platform. We understand user needs and have charted out a product roadmap with MUSIC as our philosophy (an acronym for Mobility, a Gen-Y User interface, Social aspects, Speed of an In-memory engine and Context awareness) which addresses all the requirements of our customers in this changing environment.

With over 200 cloud customers spread all over the World and a rich full suite ERP and HCM product we believe we are at the right place at the right time and with some marketing heft and branding we should be ready to acquire our rightful place in the ERP and HCM World.

Where is the confidence stemming from…

We are a company with over 20 years of ERP product experience, with over 1000 customers and have been in the cloud business for last 5 years with more than 200 customers, globally.

Ramco Systems based on its extensive product development experience abstracted the entire software development process into a Model Based Software Development methodology. Ramco VirtualWorks® (our PaaS platform) implements this development methodology supported by a comprehensive Software Meta model that captures all the data that is required to generate and deliver solutions in multiple technology platforms.

These innovations have resulted in the generation of over 2.2 Billion lines of code across multiple technology platforms. The generated solution is fully multi-tenanted and is agnostic of any infrastructure cloud provider. While the industry is talking about service orienting existing legacy solutions by ‘wrapping’ them around, SOA is the core design principle across the Ramco VirtualWorks® Platform. 


Ramco Systems Ltd.
Dorset House, Regent park, 295 - 299 Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7PL

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  • Begins 31st January 2015
  • Lasts around 24 Months
  • Deadline for Applications 31st January 2015 at 5pm (2 years ago)


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