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About GameDecider

GameDecider is building an ecosystem around developers and gamers. Developers who spend their time creating worlds for gamers to enjoy and spend their hard earned money on. They have spurred vast technological advancements over the last twenty years. It is time for change, for far too long have publishers slashed away at developer margins, for too long publishers have influenced money making schemes rather than what players actually want to play. There is much wrong with the gaming industry, greater control by publishers, distribution networks, DRM that cripples customer ownership of physical and digital content, increasing prices and the ever growing poor experiences which in many cases are down to the churning of game series. There are some publishers which do have a very important role however, without funding by publishers for development of triple A titles we would not see the Battlefields or the Assassin Creeds of the industry.
The GameDecider platform will draw on many ideas, we understand that it will be a mammoth task. However, our drive is to bring social interaction, statistical tracking, gaming marketplaces, competitive gaming and algorithmic platforms together. Creating our dream of an ecosystem built for gamers and developers. In our opinion as gamers we believe this is what the industry needs.
An ecosystem built around social interaction between developers and gamers. Fueling a culture for greater reward of developers and lessening the financial burden on gamers. Increasing the competitive nature of game development and playtime. Bringing collaboration of content and game development into fruition. Making it even easier to be creative, providing the tools to produce something spectacular. Allowing gamers to make the right choices into purchases, allowing them to try before they buy. An ecosystem that promotes gamers to influence the development of games not the publisher or financial backers.


16 Asine Close, Lincoln, LN1 3XG

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